AhoraNow Commentaries

New by the Program Demand Group of the Strategy Center:
Towards a Program of Resistance

New by Eric Mann:
Dispatches from Durban: First-hand Commentaries on the World Conference Against Racism and the South African and U.S. Left

A Race Struggle, a Class Struggle, A Women's Struggle All at Once: Organizing on the Buses of L.A.

Class, Community and Empire: Toward an Anti-imperialist Strategy for Labor

Building the Anti-Racist, Anti-Imperialist United Front: Theory and Practice from the L.A. Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union

by Eric Mann and Lian Hurst Mann:
The 2000 U.S. Presidential Elections
and the Anti-Imperialist Left:
Dilemmas, Hard Choices, Opportunities

Las Elecciones Presidentiales de los Estados Unidos
del Año 2000: Dilemas, Opciones Difíciles, Oportunidades